REELpoetry Festival 2022

distURBANce promo

REELpoetry Festival 2022 is fabulous program of live and streamed poetry videos, run by Public Poetry out of Houston, Texas, 25-27 February, 2022.

As well as having two videos as official selections in competition program (these days and colony collapse), I have curated a program of videos, distURBANce. In contrast to the reflective nature of many poetry videos, there are no idyllic pastorals here. Instead we have a program of urban stories, distorted by the power of advertising, social media, celebrity, with more than a hint of corruption, crime and miscellaneous bad behaviour, featuring work by Rich Ferguson and Mark Wilkinson (Human Condition); Christine Hooper and Victoria Manifold (On Loop); Mark Niehus (We Are The Device); Sarah Tremlett and Heidi Seaborn (Selfie With Marilyn); RW Perkins (Profile); Kyla and David Kennedy (Red Watch); and me (42nds, Heist and Bayside Reporter).