Videos screening in Latin America

Latin America currently has strong culture of experimental video and video art. These festivals feature a wide range of challenging and innovative work. They also actively create an engaged community of artists. So I’ve been delighted to have several videos screened recently in film festivals in Latin America:
floodtide – official selection 7th Concepción Independent Film Awards (Chile, August, 2021);
Warranty and Conditions of Use – official selection, 6th Canal de Panama International Film Festival (Panama, August, 2021);
Epithelium; The Life We Live is Not Life Itself; and Isolation Procedures – official selections, Nahui Ollin Film Festival 2021 (Durango, Mexico, August – September, 2021).

Isolation Procedures has previously been an official selection for Fotogenia, International Festival of Film Poetry and Divergent Narratives (Mexico, November, 2020) and Helios Sun Poetry Film Festival (Mexico, December, 2020). future perfect and unvoiced were official selections at FILE Electronic Language International Festival (Sao Paolo, August, 2020).

Most festivals request subtitles in English, which is not an issue for my video poems, since the text is an integral part the video design itself. However, some of these festivals have asked for subtitles in Spanish. The challenge here has been, first, to … Click here for more.

let me go from the A21C remix project

Generated out of the AGITATE:21C collaboration, using a single video sample each from Sylvia Toy St Louis, Camelia Mirescu, Patrick King, and Ian Gibbins with audio samples from Sylvia Toy St Louis and Camelia Mirescu. The video was processed with Isadora 3 and Final Cut Pro X, and the audio was processed in Logic Pro X. No material other than the samples was used.

The title “let me go” comes from an auditory illusion of coherent speech created from part of a processed audio sample that repeats throughout the piece.

Vocem Video: a video interpretation of Impossible Music by Sean Williams

Sean Williams’ new book Impossible Music (Allen & Unwin, 2019) tells the story of a young musician who becomes deaf, and how he overcomes this dramatic change to his life. Vocem Video is a long video based on that work that was screened at the book’s launch in Adelaide (28th June, 2019).

The text follows the order of Impossible Music, chapter by chapter, and the underlying audio is from sound files that Sean made many years ago. The animations are triggered by various components of audio files: frequency, volume, time code, modulated to varying degrees by random number generators, sine waves, and more. The sequence of the audio files follows Sean’s numerical file names.

Most of the video realisation was done in Isadora 2 with some 3D elements generated in Final Cut Pro X before importing to Isadora.