published poetry

Ferrovores – the iron eaters in Antennae – the journal of nature in visual culture 59: microbial ecologies (December, 2022).

The Extreme Politics of Adaptive Endosymbiosis  with video in Sydney Review of Books (November, 2021).

Ferrovores – Homo ferrovorus (incertae sedis) with video in Becoming Feral (Glasgow, 2021).

Rescue (animated GIF visual poem) in otoliths 63 (2021).

Burial in Burrow: Non-human Companions (September, 2021).

In Which Confocal Scanning Laser Microscopy is Utilised to Illustrate the Organisation of Nerve Fibres Mediating Painful Sensations… in Rabbit 31: Science (2020).

Coming Through in Poetry Film Live with audio (2020).

Firefront and Questions of Impropriety re-published in From The Ashes: A poetry collection in support of the 2019-2020 Australian Bushfire relief effort. (ed CS Hughes, Maximum Felix Media, 2020).

after-image in e•ratio 29 (2020) with video version here.

The Exclusion Principle in e•ratio 29 (2020) with video version here.

preface – edge detection in code::art::0 (2020) with interactive version here.

Palingenetics in Rabbit 29: Lineages (2019) with video version here.

days before dawn in StylusLit 6 (2019) with interactive version here.

Archosaurs as part of Raining Poetry in Adelaide 2019 (J. M. Coetzee Centre for Creative Practice, University of Adelaide).

Interrogation in otoliths 54 (2019) with interactive versions here and here.

No Vacancy in Dark Skies Dreaming: An Inland Skywriters Anthology (ed, Merrill Findlay, IP, 2019).

future perfect in e•ratio 28 (2019) with video version here.

dog daze in Solid Air: Australian and New Zealand Spoken Word (eds David Stavanger & Anne-Marie Te Whiu, UQP, 2019) with video version here.

home maintenance in Southerly / The Long Paddock 78.3 Violence (2018/2019).

Vox Pops, LA ’82 in StylusLit 5 (2019), accompanied by an extended interview with Rosanna Licari.

The White – A Note on the Text in e•ratio 26 (2018) with video version here.

The Five Cardinal Signs of Inflammation in Medical Journal of Australia 208 (7) 295 (2018).

The Guide in e•ratio 25 (2018) and Australian Poetry Anthology 7 (2019).

Third Sister, Ravenous and Dial Tone in Meniscus Literary Journal 5.2 (2017).

Sedimentary in Cordite 82: LAND  (2017).

The Inexplicable Hardness of Being in Verity La (2017) and Australian Poetry Anthology 6 (2018) with video version here.

Paraplegia, Sometimes It Hurts, and cataplexy in Shaping the Fractured Self: Poetry of Chronic Illness and Pain, edited by Heather Taylor-Johnson, UWA Publishing (2017).

sensurious in New Shoots Anthology: Poems Inspired by Plants. Red Room Company / Royal Botanic Garden Sydney / Rochford Street Review (2017).

Out of a Hat. Animated GIF in response to Today, the voice you speak may not be your own  8 (2017).

Hansard presents ‘The Art of Prestidigitation’ in Today, the voice you speak may not be your own  8 (2017).

egress and phillip adams headshot in otoliths 44 (2017).

Glimpse in e•ratio 23 (USA, 2017).

William Dampier Loses Bearings, Heads East, Renegotiates Abel Tasman, Draws A Blank  in Found Poetry Review 10 (USA, 2017).

No Glutamate in Island 147 (2016).

Last Shave in Cordite 56: EXPLODE (2016).

polydactyly in Speak To Me: Conversations with the Flinders University Art Collections (Flinders University Art Museum, 2016).

Prospectus and Open Door in Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal 29(6)  (2016).

Light Thief  in Cordite 55: Future Machines (2016).

High Dependency in Medical Journal of Australia 204(10): 391 (2016).

The Memory Machine (Public Beta Release) in Unbroken Journal, May/June (USA, 2016).

open home (with video) in Uneven Floor (2016).

pockets of  in Today, the voice you speak with may not be your own 7  (2016).

Entorhinal in Rabbit 17: Geography (2016).

The Various Contrivances By Which… Animated GIF poem in otoliths 40 (2016; print version 2016).

Game Over: Grand Final Edition. Animated GIF poem with video in otoliths 40 (2016).

and furthermore (indexed) in Found Poetry Review 9 (USA, 2016).

True Crime in Australian Poetry Members Anthology 4 (2015).

FREEFALL in Today, the voice you speak with may not be your own 6 (2015).

A Captain Cook in Transnational Literature 8.1 (2015).

Reflections on Process: draft 0.1.3 in Silver Singing StreamsFriendly Street Poets 39 (2015). Audio version here.

Why Mice Cannot Type in Right Hand Pointing / One Sentence Poems (USA, 2015).

eclipse midsummer. Animated GIF poem in otoliths 38 (2015).

a skeleton of desire. Animated GIF poem in otoliths 38 (2015; print version, 2016).

cataplexy. Poem with link to video in e•ratio 21 (New York, 2015).

Afterthoughts in Five Islands Press Ron Pretty Prize shortlist (2015).

994.231 (General History / Australia / Adelaide) in Rabbit 16: Biography, Part 2 (2015).

SPSS. Video poem in Cordite 50: No Theme IV (2015).

Bayside Reporter. Video poem in Australian Poetry Members Anthology 3 (2014).

manipulandum in Australian Poetry Journal 4.2 (2014).

editor’s selection. Video poem in Overland: Photonic (2014)

Almost Black in Spoken in One Strange Word: Queensland Poetry Festival Anthology 2014.

Synaptic Organisation (1998) in Cordite 47: Collaboration (2014).

Rearrangement 1 in The Infinite Dirt: Friendly Street Poets 38. Winner of the Satura Prize for Best Poem in the Anthology (2014). Video poem version here.

Starlight Grey in The Infinite Dirt: Friendly Street Poets 38 (2014). FSP Poem of the Month, April, 2013.

Twelve Sights of the Sea in Cordite 45: Silence (2014).

Firefront in The Inflectionist Review 2 (Portland, Oregon, 2014) and The Best Australian Science Writing 2014, ed. Ashley Hay, NewSouth (2014).

Conference Leave in Cordite 44: Gondwanaland (2013).

Probably A Sacrifice, With Body In Mind (After Vesalius), Heart Dissection and The Science of Shark Fishing in The Best Australian Science Writing 2013, edited by Natasha Mitchell & Jane McCredie, UniNSW Press (2013).

Questions of Impropriety in Etchings 12 VisualEYES, Ilura Press (2013).

Introduction to Anatomy in Etchings 12 VisualEYES, Ilura Press (2013).

Transit and The Chance of Thunderstorms in Patterns of Living: Friendly Street Poets 37 (2013).

Squirrel Hill in Transnational Literature 5(2) (2013).

Dateline in Cordite Poetry Review 41: Transpacific (2013).

Waiting for the Big One, West LA, 1982 in Cordite Poetry Review 41: Transpacific (2013).

Noire in The Famous Reporter 44 (2012).

Tragedy at Surfers Paradise in The Disappearing, Red Room Company (2012).

Signature, Closed Captioned and Ceci n’est pas un Magritte in English and French, Recours Au Poème (France, 2012).

In the Absence of Saints in Light and Glorie, eds Coleman A, Sullivan T, Pantaenus Press, Melbourne (2012).

The Chance of Thunderstorms, Poem of the Month, Friendly Street Poets, May, 2012.

100 Words and The Impossibility of Flight in Transnational Literature 4(2) (2012).

Sounds of the Sea, Extracts from an “Enquiry into Dreams” and Lessons in Neuroscience 6: Almonds in ditch (Canada, 2012).

Kites and Travel Plans in InDaily, Adelaide (2012).

Knuckey Street, Darwin and Dr Korsakoff and Colleagues Report in Southerly 71.3 (2012).

The Explorer’s Dream in Metabolism: Australian Poetry Members’ Anthology (2012).

Sometimes It Hurts and Sparrow Takes a Chance at the Art Gallery Cafe in Flying Kites: Friendly Street Poets 36 (2012).

Future Sight and Dead Dog (subtitled) in Sorcerers and Soothsayers: Friendly Street Poets 35 (2011).

The Simple Life. Audio poem in Cordite Poetry Review 36: Electronic(a) (2011).

Mutton Birds, Anzac Day in After the Race: Friendly Street Poets 34 (2010).

Imagined Worlds: Neuroscience and Poetry. Essay with poetry in Challenging the Divide – Approaches to Science and Poetry. E Jolly, Lythrum Press, pp 56-63 (2010).

Love Falters at Darling Harbour in Blue Dog 9 (17) (2010).

Dirt Track. Audio poem in Going Down Swinging 30 (CD1, Track 7, 2010). Broadcast on Poetica, ABC Radio National January 2011.

Shuffle and Lullabies, Garden Roads Cemetery in Page Seventeen 8 (2010; both short-listed for annual poetry prize; Lullabies awarded second place).

Letter to Nature, 21st January, 2010 shortlisted / published in Newcastle Poetry Prize 2010.

The Science of Shark Fishing. Poem of the Month, Friendly Street Poets, March, 2009.

Window Seats in Catch Fire: Friendly Street Poets 33 (2009).

Space Invaders and Taboo in Transnational Literature 2(1) (2009).

First Week of Winter. Highly Commended, Max Harris Poetry Competition (2009).

Amazing Grace. Max Harris Poetry Competition short list (2008).

Beanie on the Moon in Rewired: Friendly Street Poets 32 (2008).

Esplanade and Middle of the Road in Blast 7 (2008).

Types of Rain in Going Down Swinging 27 (2008).

Turtledove and Local Knowledge in Page Seventeen 6 (both shortlisted for annual poetry prize; turtledove awarded second place, 2008).

Rules for Interior Design in Blue Dog 7 (14) (2008). Australian Poetry Centre “Poem of the Month”, May 2009.

field guide, Honourable Mention in ABR national poetry competition. Australian Book Review 296: 27 (2007). Selected for Best Australian Poems 2008, ed P. Rose, Black Inc Press.

ward rounds, something she said, kites, donation to science and an excerpt from the bird cage in Corridors eds S Evans, K Deller-Evans, FMC Arts in Health (2005)