Interviews, reviews and discussions

Over the last few years, I’ve been fortunate to be interviewed about my work for various festivals, events and websites. I’ve also been involved in discussions of my work with other artists. Every now and then, someone reviews or comments on my work. I am extremely grateful to all the people who have taken the time to be involved. Here are links to some of these items.

It was a huge pleasure to be interviewed by acclaimed poet David Adès for Poets’ Corner hosted by Westwords. Each month a poet is invited to read and talk about their poetry on a theme of the poet’s choice.

For this episode, we talked on the theme of Limits of language, limits of experience in the context of my poetry videos. We covered a lot of ground but the conversation falls naturally into more or less bite-sized chunks. We start with an extended discussion on the nature of video poetry, how they are made, how they can work, and more. Then we go on to talk about some of my specific pieces.

The Youtube clip includes excerpts of these videos, in order: after-image; Palingenetics; and furthermore (indexed); A Captain’s; The Ferrovores; FUTURE PERFECT; and An Introduction to the Theory of Eclipses.

As part of the 2023 South Australian Living Artists Festival (SALA), I was interviewed by visual artist Steph Fuller for the SALA podcast series. In this science-themed episode (episode 42) presented in partnership with Inspiring SA, we chat about my work as scientist and how it informs my art, and some surprising parallels between the fields of science and art – from the urge to show your work to others to the tedium of failed experiments.

Click here to read more about my 2023 SALA exhibition, Beyond the Floodtide...

Interview with Laura Bianco about my video dog daze, screened at the  2020 International Screening of Experimental Films and Videopoems AT THE FRINGE international arts festival at Trånas, Sweden.

More about dog daze, as part of the Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2019 in York, UK.

In 2021, I was invited to give a keynote address about science and art to the Australian Consortium of Humanities Research Centres Annual Conference.

Here is an on-line interview about my video art practice as part of the international VideoChannel Interview Project coordinated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne.

An interview about my poetry with Rosanna Licari for StylusLit.

Sarah Tremlett posted in Liberated Words a wonderful overview of some of my poetry video work.

Jane Glennie included my video The Ferrovores in her discussion of typography in poetry film on Moving Poems Magazine.

As part of REELpoetry 2023 in Houston, TX, I took part in a discussion of about ecopoetry films with Sarah Tremlett and Mary McDonald. The final video was also translated into Spanish and screened at the 2023 Maldito Festival de videopoesia. Here is a trailer.

Sarah Tremlett reviews poetry videos about the climate crisis, including some of my work, at MIX conference, The British Library, July 7th, 2023.