Cuando Fui Clandestino / When I Was Clandestine (2023, video, dur 4:47). Poetry video with Juan Garrido Salgado (poem, spoken word, performance) and Lenin Garrido (music).

Topography of an Imaginary Ocean. (2023, video, dur: 2:41). Poetry, music and sound design for experimental video by David King.
• offical selection, Pebbles Underground Film and Video Art 6th On-line Program (Canada, November, 2023);
official selection, 12th Athens International Digital Film Festival (Athens, Greece, December, 2023).

The Taken Path: a durational project with Catherine Truman. Video sequences, text and images recorded at Carrick Hill estate, Adelaide, through 2022-2023, as part of A Partnership for Uncertain TimesNewmarch Gallery, South Australia, 16 June to 15 July, 2023. 

UGLY – A NOT Fairytale. Mixed media stage performance directed by Georgina Hahn, featuring Kaelia Cockington, Michael Jaxon Carson, Keshia Vitor, Lilian Lava, Karney Doll and Vee Von Claire, written by Andrew Dudek, Georgina Hahn, Michael Jaxon Carson and Michele Saint-Yves, choreographed by Michael Jaxon Carson and Anania Tikolamadra, costumes by Summer Sumner, cinematography and original music, Ian Gibbins (Mercury Cinema, Adelaide Fringe Festival, February-March 2022).

Not A Day Without A Line: 1000 Drawings | 1000 Days. Video sequence (dur: 72 minutes) and audio installation in collaboration with Amanda Sefton Hogg for her exhibition Linear Landscapes of the Imagination SASA Gallery, 20 August – 17 September, 2021.

Shared ReckoningsVideo sequence in collaboration with Catherine Truman with essay Sharing Catherine Truman for her exhibition Shared Reckonings at the Santos Museum of Economic Botany and Deadhouse, Adelaide Botanic Garden, Adelaide Festival, South Australia, 24 February – 2 May, 2021. It included:
• Epithelium (2021, dur: 4:49) Video art with Catherine Truman and Angela Chappell …
• •  official selection, Image Play International Video Art Festival (Madeira, Portugal, 2021);
• •  invited screening at The Wrong Biennale No 5In Absentia (November 2021 – March 2022);
• •  official selection, Nahui Ollin Film Festival 2021 (Durango, Mexico, August – September, 2021).

Sent From Elsewhere. Poetry performance, remixed with music by Frédéric Iriarte. 9 tracks. Recorded in Stockholm, Sweden and Adelaide, South Australia, March – December, 2020.

Chant for a Pandemic. (2020, video, dur: 5:07) International video art collaboration curated by Dee Hood and Finn Harvor, with contributions by Finn Harvor, Maria Korporal, Sandra Bougerch, Tushar Waghela, Muriel Paraboni, Lisi Prada, Eija Temiseva, Ian Gibbins, Jutta Pryor, Sarah Bliss, Darko Duilo, Gwendolyn Audrey Foster, Erick Tapia, lori Ersolmaz, AvantKinema, Sarahjane Swan, Roger Simian, Lino Mocerino, Francesca Giuliani, Luis Carlos Rodriguez, Willow Morgan. Shown at:
 Undercurrent (NY, April, 2020);
•  Bologna in Lettere 2020, On-line Festival (Italy, May, 2020);
•  CÁPSULA on-line festival (International, May, 2020);
•  Connect Video Art Festival (Ruskin, FL, June, 2020);
 Long Distance Film Festival (Brooklyn, NY, June 2020);
•  Marbella International Film Festival: GROUNDED (Spain, October, 2020);
•  Making A Way | Translation, South Bend Museum of Art (Indiana, USA, July, 2020) and Salem State University (June – December, 2020);
•  Dark Room Online, Torrance Art Museum (CA, USA, July, 2020);
•  Image Play International Video Art Festival (Portugal, December, 2020);
•  New Media Fest 2020: Corona (International, December, 2020);
•  Festival Transterritorial de Cine Underground (Argentina, December, 2020). 

Sloop in a Silo, Ship in a Bottle. Soundscape and installation with Tony Kearney, Paul Atkins and Amanda Sefton Hogg, as part of VESSEL, curated by Tony Kearney. The Packing Shed, Hart’s Mill, Port Adelaide, Adelaide Fringe Festival, February – March, 2020.

Launch (V)b.  Soundscape (dur: 5:42), part of Voyages Extraordinaires interactive on-line environment, Semiosphera (Italy, January, 2020).

Meta ‘Pataphysical Interactions. Poetry with music by Frédéric Iriarte. Recorded in Stockholm, Sweden, May – August, 2019.

let me go. (2019, video, dur: 2:36) Video remix project with Sylvia Toy St Louis, Camelia Mirescu & Patrick King, an AGITATE:21C collaboration …
•  released on AGITATE:21C (October, 2019);
•  official selection, Connect Video Art Festival (Ruskin, FL, June, 2020).

Ambient Loopscape. Poetry / improvised music / real-time video generation with Jutta Pryor, Masonik (Baziz Psanoudakis and Mark Martin), and Eiichi Tosaki, The Loop Project Space & Bar (Melbourne CBD, July, 2019).

Ambient Brainstorm. Poetry / improvised music / real-time video generation with Jutta Pryor, Masonik (Baziz Psanoudakis and Mark Martin), and Eiichi Tosaki (Bundoora, July, 2019).

Vocem Video (video dur: 65:31) Animated text from Sean Williams’ Impossible Music (Allen & Unwin, 2019) with audio by Sean Williams. Screened at the official launch of Impossible Music (Adelaide, June 2019).

Alison Paradoxx presents Floral Peroxide. Poetry performance by Alison Bennett with music by Matt Pearce (5000AD) and projected titles by Ian Gibbins:
•  Adelaide Fringe Festival 2019, Libertine by Louis, 23rd/24th February / 17th March, 2019;
•  Adelaide Fringe Festival 2020, Nexus Arts Venue, 16th/25th February / 11th March, 2020.

Water Under the Bridge. Soundscape and installation with Tony Kearney, as part of BRIDGE, curated by Tony Kearney. The Packing Shed, Hart’s Mill, Port Adelaide, Adelaide Fringe Festival, 23rd February – 11th March, 2018.

20 / 20 Scope. Installation including video, text, and optical equipment. With Catherine Truman and Deb Jones, as part of Catherine Truman: No Surface Holds. Jam Factory Icons exhibition, Jam Factory, Adelaide, August – September, 2017; touring nationally 2019/2020.

Floribunda. Poems accompanying drawings by Judy Morris. Hahndorf Academy, Hahndorf, 13th June – 26th July, 2015.

Tram Stop 6. (Curated by Mike Ladd & Cathy Brooks). Public art installation at Glenelg-City Tram Stop 6, Adelaide, 2015.

Sensurious. Text to accompany exhibition of drawings by Judy Morris, Magpie Springs, 10 October, 2014 – 26 January, 2015.

The Microscope Project. Installation, texts, electronic music, images. With Catherine Truman, Deb Jones, Angela Valamanesh & Nicholas Folland, curated by Fiona Salmon and Madeline Reece. Flinders University City Gallery, Adelaide, 26th July – 21st September, 2014.

Arrangements. Poetry, music and video with Tracey Korsten, Kerryn Tredrea and Cindy-Anne Macdonald. Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival, May / June 2013.

Signs of Life. (Curated by Mike Ladd & Cathy Brooks). Excerpt from poem Roadkill as part of public art installation in Bowen Street, Adelaide, 2012.

Proximity (dir: Garry Stewart) Commissioned text for Australian Dance Theatre premiered at 2012 Adelaide Festival of the Arts and touring Europe in 2013/14.

Be Your Self (dir: Garry Stewart) Commissioned text for Australian Dance Theatre premiered at 2010 Adelaide Festival of the Arts and touring Europe in 2011; text translated into French for the tour.

Not Absolute. Collaborative exhibition / installation with Catherine Truman, Judy Morris, Gabriella Bisetto, Rachel Burgess, Vicki Clifton, featuring poetry, video, objects and soundscapes by Ian Gibbins. Flinders University City Gallery 24 July – 27 September, 2009.

Heartsong (dir / comp: Cheryl Pickering, Richard Chew) Public installations of poems ecg and heart attack at The Science Exchange, Royal Institution Australia, and Flinders Medical Centre to complement Heartsong performance (2009).