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Here are two pieces I did for Paroxysm Press (S)Mash It Up at the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2016. Toxicology  is a tribute to Britney Spears’ Toxic and Take Away is a tribute to Janis Joplin’s Take Another Piece of My Heart. The music is mine, but built from the chord patterns of the original songs.


caza won the 2015 SCALA Festival Of Original Music (FOOM) Studio Instrumental section!! Amazing…

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public lectures on art & science

Remember the Future: The Simulating Brain. Lecture and discussion panel. SimTecT Conference, Adelaide, August, 2015.

The Microscope Project: Sensing the Unseen. Lecture with poetry. With Catherine Truman.  Ausglass National Conference, Adelaide, February, 2015.

Reimagining Art-Science Collaborations. Lecture with video and poetry. Driving Forces Symposium, ANU School of Art, February, 2014.

Stilled Life: Seeing Faces and the Problem of Portraiture. Presentation at Portrayal and Identity Symposium, ANU School of Art and National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, March, 2013.

Science as Culture. Discussion panel and poetry performance, Kumuwiki, Regional Arts Australia National Conference, Goolwa, October 2012.

A Feeling for the Image: Hands, Body and Visualisation of the Invisible. Seminar / poetry performance at Spectra Symposium, The Science and Art of Imaging, Canberra, October, 2012.

Rough Draft. Poetry performance and invited talk, Australian Dance Theatre, Adelaide, 25th November, 2011.

Rude Mechanicals or Humanimals and The Eye of the Beholder. Public seminars at the Art Gallery of South Australia for Patricia Piccinini: Once upon a time... 30th April and 28th May, 2011.

Translating the Body: The Choreography of Representation in Anatomy. With Catherine Truman, National Conference of Feldenkreis practitioners, Brisbane, 2011.

Patterns and Aesthetics: a neuroscience perspective. Opening lecture at Cartographies of the Imagination 3rd-5th September 2010, State Library of South Australia.

Anatomy and Imagination. Public lecture with poems, music and videos at The Science Exchange, Royal Institution Australia, Adelaide, May, 2010.

Playing with your mind: synapse snapping music and science. Public concert and audience discussion with Ronnie Taheny, Marcello Costa, Rob Morrison and Outhouse Orchestra, Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, September, 2009.

Writers and their Worlds. Flinders University, October, 2008.

The Mind’s Eye and the Mind’s Hand: the Neuroscience of Representation. “Meaning Through Making” Symposium in tribute to Rod Taylor, Adelaide Central School of Art, September, 2008.

The Bodies of Women. featuring four poems; Health and Society Theory Club, Flinders University, June, 2008.

Art and Anatomy. Keynote address, featuring 6 poems, at Prime Conference for General Practitioners, Barossa Valley, May, 2008.

This is How Your Brain Works! Invited address, Goolwa Rotary Club, May, 2008.

Transient. Opening of exhibition by Hans Arkeveld at Flinders University City Gallery, March, 2008.

Body, brain and the new science of communication: turns of phrase, figures of speech. Australian Book Review / Flinders University 2007 Annual Public Lecture. Grainger Studios, Adelaide.

With Body in Mind. Featuring specially composed electronic music, and linked poem sequences. Arts in Health / Science Outside the Square / South Australian Living Artists event, Flinders Medical Centre, (2007).

Science and Art. Graduation Address, Adelaide Central School of Art, 2007.

How does your Brain do Music? Featuring specially composed electronic music. Public lecture for Flinders University 40th Anniversary Celebration, 2006.

Neuroscience and Dance. Featuring electronic music. Science Outside the Square at Governor Hindmarsh Hotel with choreographer Leigh Warren and neuroscientist Marcello Costa, 2006.

Phantasmagoria & Special Effects. Seminar and panel discussion for Eyes, Lies & Illusions exhibition at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne. With Teresa Crea and Marcello Costa, 2006.

The Neuroscience of Wisdom. Launch of ArtLink Magazine Special Edition on Elders in Art, Carclew Arts Centre, Adelaide, 2006.

Brain, Body and Well Being. With Eugene Nalivaiko, Simon Brookes and Marcello Costa. Grainger Studios, Adelaide, sponsored by South Australian Neuroscience Institute, 2006.

The Brain and Art. Featuring specially composed electronic music, Science Outside the Square, Governor Hindmarsh Hotel with Teresa Crea and Marcello Costa (2005).

John Blandford Oration on Art and Medicine. Featuring specially composed electronic music, Flinders Medical Centre, 2005.

Electronic Music and Neuropeptides (2004): cotransmission  and insani; Worldsend Hotel, sponsored by South Australian Neuroscience Institute.

featured poetry performances

Lee Marvin Readings. Poetry, featured artist. Australian Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide, September, 2016.

Adelaide Festival Fringe. Poetry and music. Coffee Pot, Adelaide, March, 2016.

SA Poetry Slam. Featured poet. Wheatsheaf Hotel, Adelaide 2015.

Lee Marvin Readings. Poetry, featured artist. Australian Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide, September, 2015.

Adelaide Festival Fringe. Poetry and music. Coffee Pot, Adelaide, March, 2015.

Gorgeous Festival. Poetry with Rachael Mead and Paul Turley, Serafino Winery, McLaren Vale, November, 2014.

Microscope Music. Poetry with electronic music. Flinders University City Gallery, Adelaide, September, 2014.

The Interference Effect Parts 1 and 2: Queensland Poetry Festival 2014. Poetry with videos and electronic music. Invited performer, Judith Wright Centre Brisbane, August, 2014.

Lee Marvin Readings. Poetry, featured artist. Australian Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide, August, 2014.

Spoken & Slurred. Poetry and music, featured artist, Melbourne, May, 2014.

Passionate Tongues. Poetry, music and video, featured artist. Brunswick Hotel, Melbourne, May, 2014.

Adelaide City Library / Spoken Word SA Poet-in-Residence. Poetry, music and video. March 2014.

Adelaide Festival Fringe. Poetry, music and video. Tuxedo Cat, Adelaide, March, 2014.

Spoken & Slurred. Poetry and music, featured artist with Ian Messenger. Marrakesh Hotel, Adelaide, October, 2013.

SA Poetry Slam, Heat 4. Poetry and music, featured artist. Woodcroft, September, 2013.

Nature Loves Courage. With VoiceROM, Dominc J Clark, Adolph Sasquatch, Damned Men. Poetry and music, Metro Hotel, Adelaide, June 2013.

Words at the Wall. With Erica Jolly, poetry. State Library of South Australia, June, 2013.

Lee Marvin Readings. Poetry, featured artist. Australian Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide, May, 2013.

Arrangements. Poetry, music and video with Tracey Korsten, Kerryn Tredrea and Cindy-Anne Macdonald. Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival, May / June 2013.

Wordstorm / National Poetry Festival. Readings and performances of poetry, Darwin, May 2012.

Adelaide Festival of Ideas. Poetry, session chairs, interviews. Adelaide 7-9th October, 2011.

The Whole Brained Poet. Poetry Salon at Tin Cat Cafe, Adelaide, with Peter Goldsworthy, Shen, and Stephanie Hester, 6th October 2011; part of Australian Poetry’s Cafe Poets program.

When Worlds Collide. Performance poetry and electronic music. National Science Week at The Science Exchange, Royal Institution Australia, Adelaide, 20th August, 2011.

Poetry in motion: linking the neuroscience of language, music and movement. Invited lecture and poetry reading at The Art of Good Health and Wellbeing; International Arts and Health Conference, Port Macquarie, November, 2009.

Poetic science: bodies, brains and the art of experimentation. Radio programme featuring 7 poems, electronic music and interviews on ABC Radio National’s All in the Mind, hosted by Natasha Mitchell, April 2008. Selected for rerun on Australia Day 2009.

Outhouse Orchestra. Electronic music with Marcello Costa and Ronnie Taheny, Arts Theatre, Adelaide, December, 2008.

not absolute: audio & video

Thoracic 2 includes some of the text and sound installation from the exhibition. The sounds were recorded by Catherine Truman in her workshop and in Ian’s laboratory.


Metal (you’ll be in trouble) is the audio from a section of one of the installation videos. The sounds include comments recorded accidentally during an anatomy class.


Ian made three video installations collectively called with your eyes closed for the exhibition. Here are some excerpts from them.

To see all Ian’s videos, click on the vimeo button.


polymag – floribunda mix

This music was composed as an installation to accompany Floribunda, an exhibition of drawings by Judy Morris and poems by Ian Gibbins at the Hahndorf Academy, 2015. Listen to the complete sequence via Bandcamp:

urban biology – audiodraft

This album features some poems from urban biology, as well as dirt track, which was featured on ABC Radio National’s poetica program; and a couple of instrumentals.

Listen to it via Bandcamp:

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Microscope Music

Microscope Music sets some of the texts from The Microscope Project: How Things Work to electronic music derived from the microscopes themselves, as well as their documentation. Sound samples were made by striking, bowing, rasping, dropping and otherwise physically interacting with parts of decommissioned electron and fluorescence microscopes. Other samples were made by taken images or texts associated with the microscopes and converting the raw files into sound files. Each piece uses only a single set of samples.

Listen to Microscope Music via Bandcamp:


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