dog daze (2017)

“as cool as marrowbone jelly, I’m on to you… I can track the droplets of fear, bare-boned on your long and solitary road… too late now to call for your doctor… I have all the time in the world…”

Inspired by David Bowie’s “Diamond Dogs”, the text and music was written to be performed at a tribute to David Bowie, supported by Adelaide’s Paroxysm Press. Most of the raw footage was shot around the Adelaide CBD, and was then composited together and animated to make a series of dystopian cityscapes.

This video has had incredible success, having been screened to acclaim at festivals all around the world:

•  official selection, Artist’s Film section Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2019 (York, UK, November, 2019)
•  official selection and winner Best Video Poem2018 Film and Video Poetry Symposium (Los Angeles, 26-29 April, 2018);
•  Honorable Mention for Best Animation and screened at Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival 2018 (Worcester, MA, USA, 2018);
•  official selection 2020 International Screening of Experimental Films and Videopoems AT THE FRINGEinternational arts festival (Tranås, Sweden, October, 2020);
•  official selection, REELpoetry 2020 international poetry film festival (Houston, TX, January, 2020);
•  screened at Brave New World: performance-poetry-film (Plymouth, UK, 31st May, 2018);
•  screened at the 6th International Video Poetry Festival (Athens, January, 2018).
•  screened at the 2019 Film and Video Poetry Society Symposium in Moscow, Cinema Kosmos, Moscow (Russia, July 2019);
•  screened at WE OPEN SPACE (Vienna, Austria, November, 2019);
•  screened at the 2019 Newlyn Short Film Festival (UK, April, 2019); 
•  screened at Grindhouse iii @ Zoetrope (Bolton, UK, June, 2019);
•  Honorable Mention in Experimental Forum Film and Video Art Festival (Los Angeles, July, 2019);
•  screened at Something Unexpected, The Wreckers Live (Goolwa, August, 2019);
•  featured in Judging the First Atticus Videopoetry Contest by Marie Craven, Moving Poems Magazine(January 26, 2019);
•  text published in Solid Air: Australian and New Zealand Spoken Word (eds David Stavanger & Anne-Marie Te Whiu, UQP, 2019);
•  text performed at Adelaide Writers’ Week 2020, Hear Me Roar (March, 2020).

dog daze

as cool as marrowbone jelly
as hot as chocolate wax
I have diamonds on my collar
sapphires and emeralds 
ignite fire storms in my eyes

my skin is burnished bronze
I’m inked with ruby and quartz
my braids are barbed wire slipknots
cast-iron blades hackle my armour-plate spine 

my nose tracks so close to ground
I can smell trouble
oozing up between the flagstones
between the spreadeagled entrails 
of your precious little conquests
but who gives a flying fuck?
it’s always about you...

I can track the droplets of fear
the rank apprehension
smirched between your toes
smeared beneath your slip-shod heels
as you search for safe retreat
amid the unexploded shells
of your inglorious past

your friends in high places
cannot help you now
your rheumy Lord Mayors
and pitch-forked company directors,
your billionaire bankers and bit-coin junkies
will never lift a finger
to stem the shit storm
building around your arse 

because I am on to you 
I’ve got your bases covered
with nowhere to hide 
you are out there on your own
bareboned on your long and solitary road

you see, I have the dirt
I have run the numbers
your files will be deleted without a trace
and only I can log you in
only I can authenticate your identity
your pixelated captcha code
and only I will have the encryption key
to your darkest imagination
your very worst nightmares
as you skulk within your hypothetical corridors of power
as you mindlessly warp your sense of priority, privilege, privacy
as you fruitlessly bend your game plan to your inevitable defeat

under cover of darkness
you will not hear my footfall on rattling floorboards
my breath fogging your double-glazed window panes
I will be your back door man
your front door man 
your pit-bull, your lone wolf
howling for restitution
baying for repayment 
of your festering debt 
and your mouldering IOUs

too late now to call for your doctor
that pain in your chest is yours for keeps
but rest assured
be secure in the knowledge
I will be watching you
and I have all the time in the world
yes, only one of us is counting
and I have diamonds to spare
I have dog years 
by the million 
I have dog years
to burn

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