these days (2018)

“these are the days that were the days that would be the days…”

On the road, the long way home, with chrome and flashing lights and the danger of landscapes passing all too quickly… What did we see? What did we imagine? How will it end when control is lost?

Filmed on the Melbourne-Adelaide highway and Adelaide streets, this video uses several special effects I made myself.

•  short-listed for 2019 Film Poetry Competition, Poetry Film Live;
•  screened at The Big Poetry Weekend (Swindon, UK, October, 2019);
•  featured in Moving Poems  (USA, May, 2020).

These Days

These are the days
that were the days
that would be the days
to be the days
that have been the days
that count the days
as if the days
are yesterdays
and future days
will dream the days
like the all days
that bring the days
from coming days
and leaving days
those nameless days
and endless days
the breaking days
that save the days
to claim our days
for these fine days
that are our days

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