42nds (2017)

Who owns the country? Who can come? Who can go? And when we are here, how long can we stay? This is the pitch… this is the sale of your life…

This video subverts the techniques of advertising to deliver short, stark messages. High contrast and fully saturated colour make it easier to read in sub-optimal outdoor viewing situations where this video has mostly been shown.

•  originally commissioned as a public art projection video loop for WORD! a project supported by Adelaide City Council and Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT). It was projected nightly in Rundle Street, Adelaide, May – July 2017 and re-screened there again in April, 2018.
•  Water Screen LaserVision projection as part of HybridWorld Adelaide 2018 (Adelaide Riverbank, 20-22 July 2018).
•  commissioned display at the Adelaide Festival Centre digital screens (King William Road, Adelaide, April, 2019).

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