Videos screen in three Portuguese festivals!

November is a big month for my videos, with screenings all around the world (!!) As part of the mix, I have work showing in three different curated video art festivals in Portugal.

Image Play III – International Video Art Festival curated by Hernando Urrutia runs on-line from Madeira on 4/5th November 2021. It includes epithelium, made with Catherine Truman and Angela Chappell, and SPSS, one of my earlier animated, computer voiced pieces. The first session can be viewed on Youtube here and the second session here.

Transborda III – QTV International Video Art Installation, curated by Alberto Guerriero as part of the 7th Festival of Literature and Cinema in Alcobara, running from 1-21 November. I have two videos here, ISOLATION PROCEDURES and future perfect. The installation here is really beautiful, with multiple screens allowing the viewer to move between different parts fo the program: click here to see an overview of it.

Fonland International Festival of Video Art and Performance, runs in Coimbra from 5-27 November, and screens The Life We Live Is Not Life Itself made with Tasos Sagris and Whodoes.