In 1642, Dutchman, Abel Tasman (1603 – 1659), was the first European to reach what the Maori call Aotearoa, the islands that became known as New Zealand. On the 4th January, 1688, English buccaneer, William Dampier (1651 – 1715) set foot on the north-west coast of Australia, then known as New Holland. His expedition report, A New Voyage Round the World (1697), was very popular. Amongst other things, it provided more “evidence” for the supposed lowly status of the Indigenous inhabitants of the New World. On a subsequent journey, he intended to explore the east coast of New Holland, but never made it.

This piece is built from acrostic and reverse acrostics of Aotearoa / aoraetoA, using only words beginning or ending, respectively, with the appropriate letter, selected from each of the 16 paragraphs in Dampier’s 1697 text describing his time in New Holland. The word order in each section follows that of the original text. Click here to read it.

“Sensurious” video-poem short-listed for Red Room Co New Shoots Prize

Created by The Red Room Company, New Shoots, is a poetic partnership with the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, Sydney Olympic Park and Bundanon Trust. The project celebrates and cultivates poems inspired by plants and place. Sensurious, my video-poem featuring drawings by Judy Morris, was short-listed for the New Shoots Poetry prize, 2016. Click here to download the PDF of  New Shoots Anthology: Poems Inspired by Plants.  The text for Sensurious is on p. 32.


sensurious from Ian Gibbins on Vimeo.

video works, published, performed or exhibited

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The Inexplicable Hardness of Things  (dur: 2:25). Video poem with text in Verity La (June, 2017).

canine (dur: 2:29). Video poem, official selection for the 2017 Juteback Poetry Film Festival (Colarado, USA, 2017).

42nds. Public art projection video loop for WORD! (dur: 0:45). Commissioned by Adelaide City Council and Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT); projected nightly in Rundle Street, Adelaide, May – July 2017.


Situs Inversus Viscerum Totalis (with sound track; dur: 6:11) and catclaws (dur: 4:19). Video poems selected for 5th International Video Poetry Festival, Athens, 2016.

Sensurious. Video poem featuring drawings by Judy Morris (dur: 4:39). Short listed for Red Room Company New Shoots Poetry Prize (2016; text published, 2017).

acccidentals (recalculated) Video poem (dur: 4:05) short-listed for 2016 Carbon Culture Poetry Film Contest (USA).

Situs Inversus. Commissioned video projection onto glass window (dur: 3:18). Part of Body of Evidence installation, curated by Carollyn Kavanagh, Adelaide Convention Centre, June 2016.

Situs Inversus Viscerum Totalis. Commissioned video for large scale LED display (dur: 6:11). Part of Body of Evidence installation, curated by Carollyn Kavanagh, Adelaide Convention Centre, June 2016.

open home. Video poem (dur: 3:04) in Uneven Floor (2016). Performed and shown at Adelaide Fringe Festival, Tuxedo Cat, Adelaide, March, 2014, and Queensland Poetry Festival 2014, Judith Wright Centre, Brisbane, August, 2014.

Game Over: Grand Final Edition. Animated GIF and video poem (dur: 3:15) published in otoliths 40.


Looking and Seeing. Documentary (dur: 16 min) as part of Floribunda, a collaborative exhibition featuring drawings by Judy Morris and text by Ian Gibbins. Hahndorf Academy, Hahndorf, South Australia, 13 June – 26 July, 2015.

SPSS. Video poem (dur: 3:35) published in Cordite 50, No Theme IV.

cataplexy. Text with video poem (dur: 3:39) published in e•ratio 21. Performed and shown at Adelaide Fringe Festival, Tuxedo Cat, Adelaide, March, 2014, and Queensland Poetry Festival 2014, Judith Wright Centre, Brisbane, August, 2014.


Paroxysm Showcase. Five video poems (total dur: 15:00) performed at Adelaide Fringe Festival. Tuxedo Cat, Adelaide, March, 2014.

Conditions of Use (dur: 1:31), True Crime (dur: 4:32) and Lifelines 1.1 (dur: 3:30) shown as part of How to Write, Poet-in-Residence project at Adelaide City Library, Adelaide, March, 2014.

The Interference Effect, Parts 1 and 2. Nine video poems performed in two sequences (dur: 15:00 each) at Queensland Poetry Festival 2014. Judith Wright Centre, Brisbane, August, 2014.

Page Turning (dur: 63:00) and JEOL JSM-35C (dur: 26:00). Video loop installations as parts of The Microscope Project, an art-science collaboration with Catherine Truman, Deb Jones, Angela Valamanesh and Nicholas Folland, curated by Fiona Salmon and Madeline Reece. Flinders University City Gallery, Adelaide, 26th July – 21st September, 2014.

editor’s selection. Video poem (dur: 1:29) published in Overland: photonic.

Bayside Reporter. Video poem (dur: 4:08) published in Australian Poetry Members Anthology 3.


Rearrangements. Video poem version (dur: 10:00) of stage projection (dur: 50:48) that formed part of Arrangements, poetry and music performed with Tracey Korsten, Kerryn Tredrea and Cindy Macdonald, Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival. The Wordbox, Adelaide, May and June, 2013. The text of Rearrangement 1 won the 2014 Satura Prize.


Anatomy and Imagination. Two video poems, Abbess Chiara, Montefalco, 1308 (dur: 3:00) and The Boy With Two Bodies (dur: 7:34), performed in Anatomy and Imagination, a public lecture at The Royal Institution, Australia, Adelaide, May, 2010.


With My Eyes Closed. Three video loop installations (dur: 25:00 each) as parts of Not Absolute, an art-science collaboration with Catherine Truman, Judy Morris, Gabriella Besetto, Vicki Clifton and Rachel Burgess, curated by Janice Lally. Flinders University City Gallery, Adelaide, 24th July – 27th September, 2009.

bluescreen (dur: 4:16), girl talk (dur: 1:35), and greater than (dur: 2:01) from With My Eyes Closed, selected and screened in the Moving Image Program, South Australian Living Artists Festival (SALA), Adelaide, September, 2009.